Business Partners Directory Exchange

BPDX is more than a glorified mail exchange service. Our directory exchange is more like a contact management system on steroids… meaning, we took the best from desperate systems on the market and combined them in to a smooth working, well oiled machine, operating across servers all over the United States.

Email is a valuable marketing tool which can help small businesses level the playing field in their battle against “big business”. However, it is more important to know when to generate these emails, and knowing which ways to contact your business partners (as we call the email list) to keep them informed, engaged and interested in your business. There are times you should simply keep your business partners informed on the progress of the business, other times to know about specials or new items or services.

Your business partners are also managed per account, allowing you to note personal contacts, potential customers, contacts you already do business with, birthdays, special dates, and many other important flags.

  Intelligent CSV Mapper

Now you can upload contacts from any database you currently have, and our revised CSV parser allows you to map the information to the proper pockets in our database. Including intelligent parsing names and addresses, and a quality scrubber feature to report any information that is missing, invalid, or possibly corrupted without crashing your import.

Feature Comparison Chart

described in detail...

Feature PacksFree TrialBasic AccountEnterprise Account
 SECURE DATAPasswords are not stored in our databases.
    We us an advanced technique, storing a 160bit one-way hash.
Encrypted File System
    Database servers use encrypted drives to avoid smash and grab.
Password Protected PDF files
    Optionally password protect all files you may share.
 MANAGE YOUR DATAImport your data using industry standard formats
    Our advanced parser supports CSV, Tabbed, XML, JSON, etc.
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